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Every player`s dream of consistently winning at roulette the table can only be made possible if there is a roulette strategy in place. This is the only way for any individual to turn around the odds. Over the years, players have used several tricks and methods that have not produced any reasonable result. The most popular methods that have shown a promise of successes are those based on probability. The numbers on the table are fixed and are therefore subject to mathematical analysis. This is the secret of strategies that have helped players to beat the casino odds.

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roulette strategy

Knowledge is the foundation of every roulette strategy that works. It is surprising to discover the large number of players who do not even know what they are getting into. They just put their money down and expect luck to give them a jackpot. A basic understanding of how the roulette table works and the different available bets will help the individual to apply a strategy much better. For example, the European roulette table offers a better chance for wining than the American. This could sometimes be up to fifty percent better. There are several sites on the internet that give complete details of the game.

People have questioned whether there is truly a roulette strategy that can be used to get consistent wins. Most people believe that this is not possible. The overwhelming magnitude of the odds against the player seems to support this belief. However, the existent of professional gamblers points to the fact that there must be a roulette strategy that really works. Professional gamblers have used their secret knowledge of the weakness of the roulette table to beat the casinos at their own game more often than not.

Bankroll or money management is a very important aspect of any roulette strategy. Any player without proper money management will soon be on the way to the poor house. Every player should have a loss limit for every day of playing. Once the daily loss limit is reached, playing should be discontinued. This will help to avoid throwing money away on an obvious losing day. Everyone will have days of good wins and days with bad losses. This type of strategy is also used by traders on the stock market. It is also better to use a strategy that produces little wins with less risk than one that promises a higher win at the risk of a lot of money. Little consistent wins will add up over time.

The availability of online casinos has made it easier to apply a roulette strategy. There are several free casino games that one can install on a PC for practicing any desired strategy. Powerful software programs have also been developed that use advanced calculations to increase the player`s chances of wining. Some of these programs have achieved up to ninety four percent success rates. This software has rapidly become a very essential part of the roulette strategy of a lot of online casino players.

Roulette System

Roulette is a simple and easy game that you can bet on in casino, be it the traditional or online ones. It is one of the most popular casino games and is the essential game for any casino. It may look like a simple game but winning in roulette can be very difficult. You can make a guess on numbers or letters but in the end you would probably end up losing. To win at roulette you need to have a good strategy in mind and a good understanding of the table. This system might increase your chances of winning but it is not a guaranteed win.

So the questions still remain if there is a perfect roulette system which you can win more than you lose? The quick and easy answer to this is an absolutely no. There is no one roulette system out there that can beat the house every single time. If there were such a system, most of the gamblers out at the table would have heard of it and roulette would not be such a popular game in the casino. Also, it is highly unlikely that if someone found such a perfect system, he would let the golden goose out of the bag so easily.

Like all other casino games, there are many systems out there for roulette. The Fibonacci, Martingale betting, shower, pivot and Labouchere are all popular roulette systems which gamblers have tried to use but these are all still flawed systems. It may possible increase the odds on your side and you could see some profit in the short term but over the long term, you would still be losing money back to the casino.

The system that makes the most mathematical sense is obviously the Fibonacci system since it is derived from a mathematical formula. The logic behind the system is that if you win once, you get back 3 times the original amount. If you were to lose, you add the previous bets from the two sessions to make up the next betting amount. So let`s say you start with $1 and lose, the next bet would be $2 and if you get clean out again, the next bet will be $3. This goes on until you win a bet and you start the cycle all over again. This system looks like a good one but the problem is you would have to be very cash rich to sustain a prolonged losing streak when it happens. There are times when you just can`t win for 10 or more consecutive games and unless you have the capital to sustain the system, you are likely to be staring down a huge loss. Moreover, all casinos have a table limit so once you hit that you are already out of the system.

That is why this cannot be the perfect system. A good roulette system has to be one that does not involve doubling the bet each time there is a losing hand. Systems like the Fibonacci can clean you out in a matter of minutes. It is not worth to try such a system hoping to bring down the house. Many people have tried it and none have succeeded so far.

From a long time casino employee that has watched many people win, lose, and lose their life savings this is not a game for the simple minded. But it is a game for the simply entertained traveler and professional gambler that wants to have a great time and win a round or two at the same time. Whenever you play roulette, always beware of your safety and keep a tight fist on your chips.

Roulette Tips

Roulette tips one.

Never bet more than you can afford to lose. Stash your cash in the vault of the casino and do not use it to gamble with. Plan what you are going to spend and win with that amount and at the same time buy all the chips you need. Buy most of the chips in lower amounts. You can use several chips at a time for placing bets.

Tip two.

Never bet a table where the house wins more times than it’s customers. This is not a good place and you will lose your money quickly. Choose a game that lets the players win most spins in some way. Do not worry about the house money, it always wins in the end of the day with a lot of lost fortunes. Just do not lose yours.

Tip three.

Never bet on colors when you want to place the bet on both colors. This is a draw situation and you will not win in the end. If you are going to bet colors, stick to one color and change twice about every sixth spin. Use two chips each time you bet colors. No more, no less.

Roulette tips four.

If you are going to play the numbers for the big win, play at least four numbers at a time. This will increase your chances. But if you play two numbers with the same chip, you increase your chances of hitting high and making more money.

Tip five.

If the table begins to win most of the money on each spin for five rounds, stop gambling at this table. Move to another table or wait for an hour before trying it again. Sometimes it just cools and players will lose more often than not. It can be a matter of the dealer or the computer system for the table, but if you switch to another table your numbers become new again.

Roulette tips six.

Watch the other players. If there is one player winning big, place your bets along side. When the player begins to lose change to another player. If you want to take the lead in wins, choose numbers and color for 10 straight bets then switch numbers, but keep your color for another three spins. Black is going to come up more often than red. Bet every tenth bet on a green, which in the U.S. is the zero and double zero. They do not come up often, but when they do they pay off big. This is a way to increase the chances of an early pay off.

The glamor and allure of the spinning roulette wheel has prompted many players to ignore the concept of chance and formulate a multitude of roulette tricks. While there are some useful tips and methods, many roulette “strategies” are based in faulty logic.

We recommend to implement a roulette system

roulette tricks

It’s all in the zeroes. An understanding of the house advantage is crucial. When a single or double zero comes up, no outside bets can win. On inside bets the house also has a slight advantage due to the fact that a player has a 37 to 1 chance at winning on any single number, yet the payout is only 35 to 1, again due to the single and double zero spaces. If you don’t want to be burned by the zeros, bet them each time. Some only play these “green numbers” thinking they are absorbing some house advantage for themselves. Just remember that a single zero and a double zero each have a 37 to 1 chance of losing with every spin.

Avoid patterns. The betting strategy of the typical roulette player, no doubt fueled by those seemingly informative number history signs, is to wager on a number, color or grouping that the bettor feels is “due,” or expected to come up simply because it recently has not. Also called wheel tracking, this roulette trick is a classic example of something called the gambler’s fallacy. Randomness does not deviate based on past events. In other words, if the number history shows ten straight red numbers, the odds of the next spin resulting in black is are 1.111 to 1. The odds of a red number? You guessed it, 1.111 to 1. The same applies to odd/even bets and 1-18/19-36 bets. Ignore the number history sign. Its only purpose should be guiding the bettor to the wheel.

Set a limit. Whether measured in minutes of play or spins of the wheel, understand that less play typically results in fewer losses and more winnings. That is because roulette is not a game of probability. Regular roulette players have seen this played out time and again. One bettor has been playing for an hour, not breaking even, and watches as someone else makes one or two bets and walks away a hundred dollars happier. It’s really the only way to control the speed of play in any wagering game. The casinos keep their wheels, cards and dice moving as fast as possible, because–based on the law of averages and the house edge–the longer you play, the more they win. If you find yourself having a good day, just stop, realize it was all chance and little skill…then cash in your chips. The whole idea of roulette is quitting when you’re ahead. This is the greatest of all roulette tricks or methods.

Bigger bets should only follow a win. Another betting strategy is to double the wager after each loss, the plan being to recover the previous losses and repeating this process until one has doubled the money. Many gamblers have reaped rewards with this system, but the longer one wagers in this fashion, the higher the statistical probability of a total loss. Again, whether the bettor has previously won or lost on the last spin, or last dozen spins, has no effect on what number comes up next. In true randomness, no pattern can be found. A better tip is to increase your bet each time you win, and decrease it after each loss. This strategy is less glamorous, but much more beneficial.

Finally, consider exactly who controls what. Nobody controls the fall of the ball on a fair roulette wheel. But casinos depend on the player’s greed, lack of self discipline, and the influence of “spirited” beverages. The player, however, controls exactly when and where they will place a bet, the amounts, and when to cash in. The latter being the most important of all roulette tricks.

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